Narrative Project: Presentation


Narrative Project: CD design

Simple and clear :)

Narrative Project: Group's duties

Kadeem Molyneaux-Reid:  Group Leader

-Environment Artist (Responsible for theatre/stage designs)
-Modelling (Modelled theatre/stage and props)
-Texturing (Textured theatre/stage and props)
-Editing (Edited the final rendered material)
-Animation (Animated)

Magda Karbowska

-Character Designer (Designed the characters of the animation)
-Concept Art (Produced concept art)
-Modelling (Modelled the characters and props)
-Texturing (Textured the characters and props)
-Animation (Animated)

Anastasios-Odyssefs Ntinopoulos

-Pre-Production (Research/ Story Development)
-Script (Script Writing)
-Modelling (Modelled props)
-Texturing (Textured props)
-Animation (Animated)
-Sound Edit (Edited the sound of the animation)

Production screen shots.

Narrative Project: Storyboards

These are the storyboards of our animation:

The storyboards are based on the animatic which was our guide during the whole production of the animation.


Narrative Project: Tree (Prop)

This the tree that will be used in our animation modelled and textured:

Tree leaves texture:

Narrative Project: Props (Uv's)

These are the uvs of the props:


Apple Uvs

Apple Full

Apple Half


The egg model is cut in half and parented for the purposes of our animation. The texture though will be changed and will be painted in photoshop in order to stick with the style of our animation.

Egg Uvs


Telescope Uvs