Narrative Project: Group's duties

Kadeem Molyneaux-Reid:  Group Leader

-Environment Artist (Responsible for theatre/stage designs)
-Modelling (Modelled theatre/stage and props)
-Texturing (Textured theatre/stage and props)
-Editing (Edited the final rendered material)
-Animation (Animated)

Magda Karbowska

-Character Designer (Designed the characters of the animation)
-Concept Art (Produced concept art)
-Modelling (Modelled the characters and props)
-Texturing (Textured the characters and props)
-Animation (Animated)

Anastasios-Odyssefs Ntinopoulos

-Pre-Production (Research/ Story Development)
-Script (Script Writing)
-Modelling (Modelled props)
-Texturing (Textured props)
-Animation (Animated)
-Sound Edit (Edited the sound of the animation)

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