Narrative Project: Theatres

For our animation we will be using a theatre as a set.  Theatres in the 18th century were well known because people were going for entertainment and the art of theatre was flourishing at this time. We will be using a stage theatre for our animation.  Puppet theatres were giving performances in that historic time of 18th century. The puppet theatre will give to our animation a specific comic style that we want to use in order to express the most important incidents that happened during the Age of Enlightenment. 

There are different examples and types of theatre stages: Proscenium stage, Thrust theatre, Puppet theatre. 

These are some designs/sketheces for theatre stages:

For our animation the theatre that we will be using is the type of a Proscenium stage. 

The origings of Proscenium theatre stages are from Rome. 

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