Narrative Project: Art of 18th century

For our project we have decided to use the art style of the 18th century. The 18th century has a beautiful baroque style as a main theme for all famous artists.

The chosen style for the animation is a theater play using marionettes. In the 18th century watching puppet shows were very popular. Many theaters, specially made for those shows were founded.

The puppet style animation is better for the theme of our animation, as the marionettes were maybe not something new (because they existed for a long time), but they were different from the repeating art style and theme of different forms of art. In 18th century paintings were usually about religion or high class people, painted perfectly, with photorealistic feel to it. On the other side we got puppets which are not so beautiful, made to entertain people instead of showing the best out of them. The puppets are like science in the enlightenment period, made by people and for people.

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