Narrative: Rough Ideas

For our animation through the beginning we had some rough ideas:

1) Priests vs Scientist. There would be two main characters, one will be a priest and one a scientist. During the whole animation they would argue and in the end the significance of enlightenment and the progress in would be depicted. During the whole debate things related to the changes and the achievements of science and religion during the period of 1700-1800 would be shown.

2) Symbolic use of animals in our animation to show the cultural movement of the Enlightenment. There would be birds in an old barn in a farm. A vulture bird would symbolise the religion and the character of the priest in that era. A canary and a flock of other birds would symbolise the people. While the birds would be in the barn eating worms a fresh berry fruit would fall to one of the canary.This would symbolise the Enlightenment and how the Enlightenment shed light to the simple people. The vulture would get angry because it wouldn't control anymore the birds by providing their food and in the end it would get isolated from the other birds that would fly away to find better fruits than the "worms" they were eating. 

These were the basic ideas we developed. Different versions, themes, symbolism and motifs for the stories above were developed.
-During our first group tutorial with Alan we were suggested to show the progress of religion and science in that era rather than using symbolism and hidden meanings that may confuse the viewer. The outcome from our story would be how science and religion conformed together. A suggestion of using a single frame in our animation and all the story happening inside in that frame gave us the idea of creating an infographique animation. 

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